Toy - Magical Flying Fairy
Toy - Magical Flying Fairy
Toy - Magical Flying Fairy
Toy - Magical Flying Fairy

Magical Flying Fairy

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Magical Flying Fairies

Follow Us Into The Magical World of Fairies


 Let this Fairy guide you into the incredible world of Fairies as you dance, play and explore the real world around you.

She has chosen you to follow her and help her fly.

Discover the real magic of fairies as she glides and dances through the air. 

Magic Fairies are so amazing

  • The Magic is in your Hands

    Guide them using only your hand as they gracefully dance across the sky. 
    Follow your Fairy into a magical world using only your hand as she gracefully dances across the sky.
    It's a truly enchanting experience magically created by you!
  • ✨ Must have gift ✨

    All the little princess want to add some magical of her game.

    Let's add this magic fairy to follow her dreams!


     ✨ Testimonial ✨


    Amazing gift for my dauther !  - Vincent L.

  • Meet all of the Fairies

    Flutterbye Fairies come in many different styles. Discover the perfect Flutterbye Fairy for you to magically guide across the sky!
    Flutterbye Fairies require 6 AA batteries and are made for girls ages 5+.