Magic baby bowls
Magic baby bowls
Magic baby bowls
Magic baby bowls
Magic baby bowls
Magic baby bowls

Magic baby bowls

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Are you looking for a practical and useful plate for your child?

Are you exasperated that he constantly spills his food by playing with or inadvertently?

BOLUX baby will permanently solve this problem and prevent your child from putting food everywhere, teaching him to eat properly at the same time. This toddler bowl is very useful.
It consists of several bowls linked together and wrists to hold it, your child to turn the bowl in all directions without ever spilling its contents! Try it, even you won’t!

Designed in rigid and waterproof plastic, Magic bowl is also distinguished by its intriguing and colorful design, which will surely interest your child.

It can contain any type of food, solid or liquid, allowing it to be used without risk and in all situations (car, home, table ...)! The use of bolux must be supervised by the child's parent.

Very practical, Magic bowl is also dishwasher safe for easy everyday use.

Save time and save yourself the household chore after each meal!
Magic bowl will be sent to you in a secure and hygienic packaging to avoid any problems during transport. No more spilled food!

✔️ Pleasant look and easy to use bowl
✔️Content of bowl impossible to overturn, even in the worst conditions
✔️ Educational and intuitive
✔️ Perfectly suited to receive solid or liquid food
✔️ Dishwasher safe
Hurry up! Order before out of stock! The ideal Magic bowl gift to enjoy a 100% bowl offered today.
Material: ABS - Eco-friendly, BPA free
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The package contains:

1 x Bolux.