Magical Dream tent
tente lit pour bébé licorn
Magical Dream tent
Magical Dream tent
Magical Dream tent

Magical Dream tent

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With this dream tent going to bed with be joyful.

There’s nothing like the majestic sight of magical unicorns, to tickle your child’s imagination.

Can you recall how a child’s eyes would light up when she sees something out of this world? 

Our best-selling Magical Dream Tents is a priceless investment. 




★  Game
★ Reading capacity with includes LED lamp.
★  Ideal for peaceful night.
★ Easy to install
 Kids love shed


Being afraid of the dark will be a thing of the past with this bed shed.
The kids love playing and hiding in shed.
Our dream tent light up with the included LED and let your kids travel and admire magnificent landscape.



Fast and easy to install

Tuck the ends under the mattress.

Works on single on stacked bed


These beautiful pop-up tents will give a touch of magic to any child's room, but it does more than that!

Designed to complement existing twin-size and bunk beds, they give your child access to a private universe she can explore and learn from.

Also, these tents can make children feel safe from what they perceive is scary at night. They can’t think about the imaginary monster under their bed when the planets, or the enchanted fairies, transport them to a whole new world. It’s genius, right?


But remember that your little kid won’t be a little kid forever. With the fleeting nature of childhood, it’s important to make it as fun, memorable, and magical. 



      • 1 x Dream Tent 220 x 80 cm.
      • 1 x led lamp (include battery)
      • 1 x bag