How to make Magical Unicorn Toast

How to make Magical Unicorn Toast

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If you've never seen unicorn toast, you're missing out.
The Instagram-famous breakfast looks like art, a rainbow cloud, but tastes like regular toast with cream cheese. 
 Unicorn magic toast Amazing on instagram
While the cream cheese may look like a rainbow, it doesn't require artificial food coloring.
This is a few natural pigments you can use:
- beet juice for the hot pink,
- spirulina powder for the light blue,
- freeze dried strawberry powder for the light pink,
- turmeric root juice for the orange,
- chlorophyll for the light green 
- curcuma for the yellow
- freeze dried blueberry powder for the purple.

This is a few amazing unicorn toast art

 Magic foodporn for unicorn lovers
 Amazing food Unicorn fan
Rainbow food
Pink, purple and blue foodporn on instagram
Amazing healty and unicorn food
Magic rainbow and unicorn food
Pastel unicorn food
Mermaid food
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Rainbow and cute food

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